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Thursday February 19, 2015    10:29 AM
CARACAS - Venezuela praised its 'socialist revolution' for a culinary conquest on Saturday: Guinness World Records for the country's beloved Christmas dinner staples.

A cook-a-thon in capital Caracas landed Venezuela records for the biggest ham-filled bread, sugar cane juice infused with lemon, and 'hallaca,' a cornmeal dish wrapped in plantain leaves.

"Made in socialism, made in revolution," Food Minister Yvan Bello said in a flurry of celebratory tweets.

"The people are celebrating, Venezuela is a country of records, of achievements, thanks to the revolution!," he added, feting the 20-meter bread, 12,000-liter drink and 120-meter 'hallaca.'

The initiative comes as Venezuelans s


Thursday February 19, 2015    10:27 AM
"The history of Massachusetts is the history of America," Secretary of the Commonwealth William Galvin said before the box was opened, adding the items were symbols of the "great hope" of the country's founders.

The corroded 10-pound (4.5-kg) brass box, removed from beneath the state house last month, was painstakingly dismantled and unpacked by custodians at Boston's Museum of Fine Arts in a gallery hung with oil portraits of both men.

Among the items in the box were two dozen coins including a 1652 Pine Tree Shilling struck by colonists in defiance of England, a bronze medal portraying George Washington, a silver plate made by Revere, and colonial records and newspapers.

Galvin sa


Thursday February 19, 2015    10:25 AM
Jay and Kateri Schwandt's baby is due May 9, The Grand Rapids Press reported ( ). Even though they expect it will be another boy, the couple said they would welcome either into the family.

"If we were to have a girl, I think we would go into shock," Kateri Schwandt said. "It would probably be disbelief."

If he had a choice, Jay Schwandt said he would love to have a girl, but they're just "hoping for a healthy baby." Still, he would like to see the effect of adding a girl to the mix in a household with 12 boys.

"I've experienced all the boy stuff," he said. "As long as we are having all these children, it would be really neat to experience the other side."



Thursday February 19, 2015    10:19 AM
Narcotics detectives in the Birmingham suburb of Irondale pulled over the car driven by 23-year-old Kenneth Bell on Dec. 8 on suspicion he was moving drugs, said Irondale Police spokesman Detective Michael Mangina.

A drug-sniffing dog detected the presence of narcotics in the car, and police ordered Bell, his two daughters and their mother out of the vehicle.

Bell's elder daughter then told detectives that "Daddy put something in sister's diaper," Mangina said.

Police had the girls' mother undress the toddler, at which point they saw a bulge in her diaper caused by a bag of heroin, with an estimated street value of $2,500, Mangina said.

Bell was arrested on charges of chemical en


Thursday February 19, 2015    10:17 AM
MIAMI - Florida wildlife officials, opening a new front in the war on invasive snakes, are recruiting the general public for "python patrols" that teach them how to identify and even capture some of the hissing, snapping reptiles.

"We consider (Burmese pythons) established, which means the hope of removing them is pretty slim," said Jenny Novak, a Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) biologist, during a recent training session with 20 volunteers in south Florida. "We're in management mode now."

On Sunday the volunteers spent an hour in a classroom learning how to distinguish between invasive and native snakes and how to safely capture and contain them.

Later, the


Thursday February 19, 2015    10:15 AM
DENVER - Opponents of Colorado's marijuana legalization are expected to file a federal lawsuit on Thursday that will seek to shut down the state's new industry and which they say will accuse participants of violating racketeering laws.

Voters in Colorado chose to legalize the use of recreational marijuana by adults in a landmark 2012 ballot, even as the drug remains federally outlawed. Washington state has also legalized recreational pot, while Alaska and Oregon are following suit.

But the Safe Streets Alliance, a Washington, D.C.-based group which describes itself as a national non-profit aimed at reducing youth drug use and violent crime, said its lawsuit will allege that state and l


Tuesday February 17, 2015    10:57 AM
PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti - At least 20 people on a packed Carnival float were killed when one of them touched a high-voltage power line, leading to electrocution and a fire, officials in Haiti said.

The accident occurred as thousands filled the streets of downtown Port-au-Prince for the raucous annual celebration. Witnesses said someone on the float used a pole or stick to move a power line so the float could pass under it.

The three-day street parade coincides with other Mardi Gras carnivals around the world and attracts large night-time crowds eager to witness competing music bands atop highly decorated floats.

At least 20 people were killed and 46 were injured, Nadia Lochard, a coor


Tuesday February 17, 2015    10:08 AM
CORBIN, Kentucky - 16-year-old Jason C. Hendrix was shot and killed Saturday. He regularly attended church, arriving early Sunday mornings to help set up in the movie theater also used for the church.

Hendrix had a 9mm semiautomatic handgun, two .38-caliber pistols, a double-barreled shotgun and backpack full of ammo. He seemed ready to kill someone or something.

It began as a standard traffic stop on Valentine's Day.

Driving alone, Hendrix failed to stop when a state trooper attempted to pull him over on Interstate 95. Police chased Hendrix and cornered him after he hit another vehicle at an intersection in Woodlawn.

"As officers approached the Honda Pilot, gunfire came from the


Wednesday February 11, 2015    03:18 PM
CHAPEL HILL, North Carolina - Three young Muslims near the University of North Carolina were shot and killed. The slayings suggests they were motivated by an ongoing parking dispute, police said.

A federal prosecutor added at a news conference Wednesday that the killings appear to be an "isolated incident."

"Events of yesterday are not part of a targeted campaign against Muslims in North Carolina," said Ripley Rand, the U.S. Attorney for the Middle District of North Carolina. His office had no immediate plans to be part of the investigation.

But the father of two of the young women shot dead branded the killings a "hate crime." The Council on American-Islamic Relations called on pol


Sunday February 8, 2015    03:01 PM
Okay, who the hell is Jim Smith? Well, it's hip-hop artist and actor LL Cool J, aka, James Todd Smith, of course. He'll be hosting the 57th Annual Grammy Awards tonight with dozens of musical performances and plenty of playful fashion to your television, straight from the Staples Center in Los Angeles.

The Awards are airing live and LL Cool J is hosting the show tonight on CBS for the fourth year in a row, bringing his signature sense of laid-back charm to the ceremony. While at a dinner he was co-hosting with fellow TV personality Michael Strathan and Hennessy, the Grammy host sat down and talked about everything from co-producing the show to refusing to watch how he did.

The biggest


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