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Thursday March 5, 2015    11:46 AM
My client acquired a large company and I went along for his initial meetings with his new employees.

In the afternoon he planned a company-wide address. That morning we met for several hours with top executives. (Talk about emotions on full display: ego, anxiety, obsequiousness, defensiveness, fear, excitement… when the new sheriff comes to town all the icy-cool corporate masks quickly come off.)

The meeting ended at noon and when we walked out fifteen minutes later he noticed a big buffet set up on the other side of the atrium. There were plenty of people standing around in white coats and black slacks but no one in line or sitting at tables.

“What’s that for?” he asked a person wa


Sunday March 1, 2015    05:23 PM
Birmingham , AL - The fight began after an argument on Facebook between four "friends". They took their squabble to a park but that brawl ended with a 14-year-old girl dead.

The group of girls who quarreled on Facebook decided to settle their differences at a Birmingham park, where they planned to videotape their fight and post it on Facebook.

After the fight began, two teen boys pulled out guns and started shooting at the girls. One of those shots killed 14-year-old Kierra'onna Rice and wounded two others.

Birmingham police arrested two suspects, a 17-year-old male and an 19-year-old male, who were identified by witnesses. Police said formal charges are pending.

Authorities beli


Sunday March 1, 2015    01:31 PM
Washington - The White House published a full-page ad Sunday in The New York Times directed at an ad attacking National Security Adviser Susan Rice.

The ad, claiming "Susan Rice has a blind spot: Genocide," appeared in Saturday's paper promoting a talk by American Rabbi Shmuley Boteach. He claims Rice has sought to silence Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu ahead of his address to Congress.

A senior administration official at the White House cited criticism from a number of Jewish advocacy groups in reaction to the ad, saying it has been met with "revulsion."

"This ad is being widely met with the revulsion that it deserves. Frankly, the ad says more about those who supported


Friday February 27, 2015    11:36 AM
Lonard Nimoy, who played Spock on the "Star Trek" television series and in several major motion pictures of the same story, died on today at age 83.

His granddaughter, Dani, confirmed the death on Twitter. She called him "an extraordinary man." Nimoy revealed a year ago that he had been diagnosed with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

As the half-human, half-alien chief science officer for the Starship Enterprise, Spock gave the world the indelible blessing "Live long and prosper" and his familiar split-fingered Vulcan salute. He was second in command to William Shatner's Captain James T. Kirk, his stoicism the perfect counter to Kirk's fiery personality.

As the half-human, hal


Tuesday February 24, 2015    08:55 AM
San Francisco - A long-shot effort to break California into six separate states got a boost on Monday, when the billionaire venture capitalist behind the proposal said he had gathered enough signatures to place it on the ballot in two years.

Timothy Draper, a founder of a Silicon Valley-based venture capital firm that has invested in Twitter, Skype and Tesla, among other companies, has been agitating for months for a ballot initiative to chop the most populous U.S. state into smaller entities.

"It??s important because it will help us create a more responsive, more innovative and more local government, and that ultimately will end up being better for all of Californians," said Roger Sal


Tuesday February 24, 2015    08:51 AM
HitchBOT, created by team of Ontario-based communication researchers studying the relationship between people and technology, will reach its final destination Sunday in Victoria, British Columbia, where it will receive a traditional aboriginal canoe greeting at Victoria Harbor.

"What we wanted to do is situate robotics and artificial technologies into unlikely scenarios and push the limits of what it's capable of," said David Smith, the robot's co-creator, who teaches at Ontario's McMaster University. "It's challenging but it can also be highly engaging and entertaining as hitchBOT has proven."

The robot looks like it was made out of components scavenged from a yard sale a bucket, pool


Thursday February 19, 2015    04:32 PM
Brian Williams has stepped down from a citizen group dedicated to promoting military valor and heroism.

The Congressional Medal of Honor Foundation announced Thursday that the embattled "NBC Nightly News" anchor has resigned from the group's board of directors. He had served on the board since 2006.

Williams' decision comes a little more than a week after NBC News suspended him for six months without pay for repeatedly sharing a false account of a 2003 helicopter mission in Iraq.

Ronald T. Rand, the president and CEO of the Medal of Honor Foundation, did not immediately respond to CNNMoney's request for comment. The announcement on the group's website did not provide additional deta


Thursday February 19, 2015    10:38 AM
The term "nightmare bacteria" does not bode well for anyone who may get infected.

That's what CDC epidemiologists call carbapenem-resistant Enterobacteriaceae, or CRE, which kill up to half the patients who contract them.

The family of superbugs made headlines two years ago when the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention warned it was spreading.

Now, they're back in the news after seven patients at a Los Angeles hospital caught CRE after routine endoscopic treatments for bile ducts, gall bladder or pancreas.

Two of them have died, the Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center said Wednesday. CRE was a contributing factor in the deaths, but the exact cause of the deaths wasn't immedia


Thursday February 19, 2015    10:35 AM
California diners can now legally enjoy a meal on a restaurant patio with their dogs in tow, under a law signed Thursday by Governor Jerry Brown that eliminates health code regulations banning restaurant owners from allowing pooches on the premises.

Starting next year, California canines will be allowed to dine al fresco if they are wearing leashes or are relaxing in a carrier.

"??I wish everyonebone-app tit,??? quipped Democratic Assemblywoman Mariko Yamada, the law's author. "Restaurateurs in California will see more businesses catering to their customers and the canine companions they love.?

The new law clarifies a section of the state??s health code that banned dogs from restaur


Thursday February 19, 2015    10:31 AM
SAN DIEGO - A 90-year-old woman whose California chinchilla farm was purchased and shut down by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals with money from a Hollywood mogul has sued the group, claiming they falsely portrayed her as an abuser of animals.

Lawyers for Lurlie Adams, who sold Valley View Farms to PETA in August, later saying she wasn't aware the group was involved in the transaction until the deal closed, filed the libel and defamation lawsuit in San Diego Superior Court on Monday.

The purchase was financed by Sam Simon, co-creator of animated television comedy The Simpsons. The Sam Simon foundation was also named in the lawsuit.

"In the twilight of her life, Mrs. Adams


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