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Tuesday June 9, 2015    10:33 AM
Doc the pit bull recently spent what's thought to be the first night of her life snuggled up to a person in bed.

She seemed thrilled with the experience.

"She slept soundly all night and really enjoyed having a home, even if it was just for the night," says Jason Cooke, a volunteer with Animal Charity of Ohio.

Cooke had the pleasure of Doc's company -- but briefly -- because he was bringing this doggie to a TV station in the morning for a spot, with the hopes of helping her find a home where she'll sleep in bed every night. Or, at least, be off a kennel floor.

In the meantime, for that one night: bliss.


Tuesday June 9, 2015    10:30 AM
Though most of us detest Saturdays spent washing and folding, one mom knows that for those who go without, laundry can truly be a luxury.

Close to 70 people came to a London, Ontario laundromat last month to do three hours worth of laundry -- for free. For the Love of Laundry, a social good startup based in London, has been hosting the events since 2014 to help families in need.

Melissa Power, a formerly single mother who once had difficulty affording basic needs like clean clothes, founded the organization. “I had a hard time making ends meet, so certain "luxuries" often had to wait, and laundry fell into that "luxury" category.” Power told The Huffington Post in an email. “Fast forwa


Tuesday June 9, 2015    10:27 AM
As the saying goes, it’s quality, not quantity that is important, but this amazing dressmaker demonstrates both.

Lillian Weber recently celebrated her 100th birthday by soaring past her goal of sewing 1,000 dresses for kids in need, FOX News reported.

Since 2011, the centenarian, who lives in Iowa, has been creating handmade garments for Little Dresses for Africa -- a Christian nonprofit that has sent more than 3 million dresses to young girls in 47 African countries and 31 other countries beyond, according to the organization’s website.

Weber has made a new dress nearly every day, the Quad-City Times reported, starting in the morning and completing the garment that same afternoon.


Saturday June 6, 2015    08:16 PM
As American Pharoah came out of the far turn and squared his shoulders to let his rider Victor Espinoza stare down the long withering stretch of Belmont Park, a sense of inevitability surged through this mammoth old grandstand. The fans in a capacity crowd strained on the tips of their toes and let out a roar from deep in their souls. It was going to end, finally — this 37-year search for a great racehorse.

No, a battered old sport was looking for an immortal thoroughbred, one worthy to stand alongside Sir Barton and Assault, War Admiral and Whirlaway, Count Fleet and Citation, a horse able to earn the title of a Triple Crown champion.

The Triple Crown trophy, which was commissioned in


Thursday May 28, 2015    08:00 PM
When the plane crash occurs, there are usually no survivors, no matter how big or small the plane is. However, this time, earlier this year, it was different.

When the small plane crashed to the ground in the US state of Kentucky, a girl named Sailor Gutzler survived. This brave little child walked barefoot for more than 1.6 km (almost a mile), and she knocked on the Larry Wilkins door. In the crash, she lost both of her parents, sister, and older cousin, and she walked away from the scene, searching for help.


Tuesday May 26, 2015    06:46 PM
The McComb family is not giving up hope.

Laura and Jonathan McComb and their two children were at a cabin in Wimberley, Texas, on Saturday night when the skies opened, dumping record-breaking rains. Water soon swept the house downstream. Jonathan McComb was found, but the whereabouts of his wife and children remain a mystery.

"We never lose hope," said his father, Joe McComb. "But I think reality is setting in that there is probably a good chance that it might not be the outcome we're hoping for. But you never give up hope."

He said he suspects a loose tree fell and knocked his family's cabin off its pilings, eventually causing it to be swept downriver.

"I don't know how many m


Sunday May 24, 2015    03:25 PM
(CNN)Sometimes, life takes twists so fortuitous that they seem inevitably predetermined. That may be the case for Maya Gurung, a 10-year-old girl suffering in post-earthquake Nepal.

I met Maya in Kathmandu earlier this month and told her story on She lost her lower left leg in the April 25 quake and suddenly, her already hardscrabble life became that much harder. She was a poor girl living on unforgiving Himalayan terrain. Without a limb, her life took an ominous turn.

Maya and her father, Bhim Bahadur Gurung, had held high hopes that the doctors who treated her at a Kathmandu hospital would fit her for a prosthetic leg. But the hospital was overwhelmed after the earthquake. M


Sunday May 24, 2015    01:41 PM
John Nash, the Nobel Prize-winning mathematician whose life story inspired the movie A Beautiful Mind, and his wife, Alicia Nash, were killed Saturday afternoon in a car crash on the New Jersey Turnpike, New Jersey State Police said.

Nash, 86, and Alicia Nash, 82, were riding in a taxi near Monroe Township when the incident occurred, State Police Sgt. 1st Class Gregory Williams said.

They were traveling southbound in the left lane when the taxi went out of control while trying to pass another car, Williams said.

The car crashed into the guard rail, and the couple was ejected from the vehicle. They were pronounced dead at the scene, Williams said.

The taxi driver, Tarek Girgis, wa


Thursday May 21, 2015    03:30 PM
Evette Reay, 18, was suspended on her last day of school for wearing this dress. (Photo: Evette Reay)

A high school senior was suspended with only 30 minutes left of her school year after wearing a dress that violated school dress code.

When Evette Reay, a senior at West Side High School in Dayton, Idaho, got dressed on Friday morning, she chose an outfit that made her feel good. “I read in Seventeen that I had to dress for how I felt,” she tells Yahoo Parenting. “If I dressed well I would feel better about myself, and I wanted to feel good on my last day.” Reay, 18, chose a short-sleeved green dress with a lace overlay and sandals.

STORY: Teen Served Suspension for Prom Dress, Mo


Tuesday May 19, 2015    05:51 PM
The family of a girl mauled to death by a dog have described her as a "shining star in the sky" who will "never be forgotten".

4-year-old Lexi Branson died two years ago in a scene of pure horror after being bitten, no, butchered by her pet bulldog at home in Leicestershire, England.

Police said the bulldog, which is not a banned breed, died of stab wounds sustained during attempts to save Lexi.

I feel just horrible for Lexi, her life and all she could ever be, gone, but not so much for her parents. I read that the bulldog may have been frightened from fireworks. It makes little difference what prompted the attack. It happened. That's enough, enough that it could happen and who in


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