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Monday June 29, 2015    09:22 AM
The shoddy battery life in his hearing aid really “bugged” Ethan Manuell. Now it’s possible that millions of people will benefit from his five-minute rule.

As part of an eighth grade class project, Ethan, who has worn a hearing aid since age four, conducted an experiment using robotic bugs and found that hearing aid batteries will last up to 85% longer when exposed to the air for five minutes before insertion.

“Most people don’t know this, so they just pull the tab off and insert it, like it’s a sticker or something,” said Ethan, who lives in Minnesota with hEthan’s audiologist, Dr. Mary Meier, has been sharing the news with other patients at the Olmsted Medical Center.


Monday June 29, 2015    09:20 AM
A 10-year old, hunchbacked, mixed breed dog named "Quasi Modo" was awarded first place at the World's Ugliest Dog Competition on Friday, according to a press release for the Petaluma, California, event.

Quasi, whose short spine makes her resemble a hyena, "epitomized excellence in ugliness" Chief Judge Brian Sobel said. The designation won $1,500 for her owner.

This wasn't Quasi's first rodeo. Last year, the spunky Florida pup won second place, losing out to small, wild-eyed dog named Peanut.

Quasi's pageant bio says that despite the multiple birth defects that contribute to her odd appearance, she is a happy dog who loves to run and play. She also works as an "ambassador for teachi


Monday June 29, 2015    09:18 AM
Summer is off to a pretty sweet start for one girl.

Gabrielle Garcar, an elementary school student in Ohio, was selling lemonade to earn money to buy a new electronic tablet, when a local police officer surprised her with the device. Sheriff's Deputy Zach Ropos was so impressed with the 9-year-old's work ethic that he decided to give her the tablet himself, ABC News reported.

Ropos, an officer in Lake County, Ohio, stopped by Gabrielle’s stand on Monday. After paying $3 for a 50-cent cup of lemonade, he learned what she planned to do with the money, but knew it might be difficult for her to reach her goal.

"I talked to the little girl, gave her a speech about how courageous and admi


Monday June 22, 2015    10:01 AM
In the wake of the latest mass killing in Charleston, SC I watched a cable news program play a litany of Obama reaction speeches he has made after similar events over his term as President. They were eerily alike, in both content and tenor, with a little more emphasis this time on differentiating the US with the rest of the world. They also broadcast comments from other political and social leaders regarding this attack and they too sounded similar with lots of; “we must never let this happen again” and “it’s not how we fall, but how we get up” and “love and faith will conquer evil” and so forth.

If there were creatures viewing this from Space they would find it humorous, just as we mig


Saturday June 20, 2015    08:14 PM
Two years ago we brought you a story about an amazing young 13-year-old girl named Ashley from Elwood, Indiana, who was raped by her brother’s friend and became pregnant. Ashley prosecuted her rapist, and he was charged and convicted on three counts as Ashley wasn’t his only victim.

This story tugged on the heart strings of millions of Americans as this young girl chose to carry her child to term and gave birth to a beautiful little boy she named Aiden.

Planned Parenthood of Indiana even weighed in on Ashley’s tragic story via their official Facebook page by posting a link to an article written in the Indianapolis Star, saying the following: “As this article notes, heartbreaking stor


Saturday June 20, 2015    08:00 PM
Somehow, for playwright Darrell Baker, a musical filled with death and despair has been a welcome distraction from his own mortality. Despite the morbid themes in "Somebody's Ripper," a new musical Baker wrote with his wife about the women killed by 19th-century serial murderer Jack the Ripper, it's helped him escape his newly discovered pancreatic cancer on the wings of community theater, a world that has always consumed him.

"I would lie if I said I wasn't a little bit afraid," said Baker, 68, who started his life's newest number with a dose of chemotherapy Wednesday, June 17. "Things are not good at all, but lots of people get over this stuff."

"I may not die," he said.



Saturday June 20, 2015    10:50 AM
A new class of drugs shows promise in stopping migraines before they start. The drugs have cut the number of migraines in half among more than 50% of patients in clinical trials — and prevented all headaches for 10% of them.

The drugs target a particular chemical in the body — calcitonin gene-related peptide (CGRP). The chemical helps control blood vessels and plays a role in transmitting pain signals to the brain. Scientists believe CGRP contributes to causing migraines.

The new drugs use something called monoclonal antibodies — made from proteins in the immune system — to reduce the levels of CGRP in the body. The idea is to disrupt the pain messages that CGRP carries to the brain.


Saturday June 20, 2015    10:46 AM
This little girl is absolutely overjoyed. It’s her birthday, and she’s celebrating with her father, whose birthday is also coming up. But instead of receiving gifts, this British dynamic duo decided to combine their ages and pay the fun forward with 39 random acts of kindness.

Amélie and her father Lee Beck, spread their generosity on strangers by “granting wishes,” writing letters of gratitude, and doling out adorably decorated pencils.

The father-daughter team compiled a list of possibilities and whittled it down based on their budget. Lee told the Good News Network the goal of remaining anonymous was foremost in their plans. Then, the two took to the streets.

“There are still qui


Thursday June 18, 2015    09:49 AM
VATICAN CITY -- In a sweeping environmental manifesto aimed at spurring concrete action, Pope Francis called Thursday for a bold cultural revolution to correct what he described as a "structurally perverse" economic system where the rich exploit the poor, turning Earth into an "immense pile of filth."

Francis framed climate change as an urgent moral issue to address in his eagerly anticipated encyclical, blaming global warming on an unfair, fossil fuel-based industrial model that harms the poor most.

Citing Scripture, his predecessors and bishops from around the world, the pope urged people of every faith and even no faith to undergo an awakening to save God's creation for future gener


Sunday June 14, 2015    10:03 AM
How would you feel if you discovered that your Facebook friend was a fake? Possibly not even the same gender you expected? What if the most recent friend request you got isn’t actually from someone real? It's a serious problem.

A person using the Facebook name of Melissa Young is also a fake Facebook account. The person using this account, more than likely, a male, is actually using the photo of famous model Emily Ratajkowski, the photo of which is shown in this story.

Example of fake Facebook account

Many of the fake profile photos are actually professional models as is our example. It's easy to d


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