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Sunday April 19, 2015    10:14 AM
Sometimes, good things happen to good people.

Young Lauren Burgos had always planned to go to college, possibly even to become a lawyer. But when her father died while she was still in high school, she took a job to help her family, eventually working 40-60 hours a week at a Manhattan hotel so her brother could attend college, while she helped pay the rent. Dreams of higher education became a distant memory for the 22-year-old, but her family never forgot.

When her brother, Matt, learned that Strayer University was looking to award scholarships to people whose obstacles had forced them to take a detour in life, instead of pursuing college, he submitted Lauren’s story of selflessness.


Sunday April 19, 2015    10:11 AM
Oh, those puppy eyes.

Just by gazing at their owners, dogs can trigger a response in their masters' brains that helps them bond, a study says.

And owners can do a similar trick in return, researchers found.

This two-way street evidently began when dogs were domesticated long ago, because it helped the two species connect, the Japanese researchers say.

As canine psychology experts Evan MacLean and Brian Hare of Duke University wrote in a commentary on the work, "When your dog is staring at you, she may not just be after your sandwich."

The new work is the first to present a biological mechanism for bonding across species, said researcher Larry Young of Emory University.



Tuesday April 14, 2015    09:07 AM
In case you needed further confirmation that unrealistic beauty standards affect girls at an early age, SheKnows Media is here to help.

In a new video from the digital media company’s Hatch program, young girls discuss body image and how it’s influenced by the media. According to one of the participants, altered images on magazine covers and in advertisements fuel unhealthy comparisons.

“You can pick out all your flaws, and then society does that as well for you,” she said.

As the young girls reflect on weighing themselves at birthday parties and sucking in their stomachs when they wore bikinis at camp, they prove that body image issues start at a young age. According to Common Sens


Thursday April 9, 2015    10:18 AM
Regardless of what size you are, the message of this new full-figured lingerie campaign, and the French legislation passed last Friday, is clear: sexy doesn’t have to be just one size.

Let’s start with the new ad campaign everyone is buzzing about this morning, Lane Bryant’s #ImNoAngel.

The ads are clearly a dig at Victoria’s Secret, which caps its sizes at XL and 40DDD and has promoted their lingerie using super-thin models alongside the caption, “Perfect Body.” The company has caught flack about this for years, and Lane Bryant’s latest splash capitalizes on the public push for a more positive message, much like The Dove Campaign For Real Beauty did in 2004.

“Our ‘I’m No Angel’ cam


Thursday April 9, 2015    10:15 AM
Many homebound elderly people are deprived of the simple joys of puppy love, but this heartbreaking fact is about to change for some American seniors.

Lacking the financial means or physical ability to care for a pet meant they had to give up the companionship they enjoyed for so many years. Fortunately, a nonprofit called Caregiver Canines is officially going national, and will be connecting four-legged visitors with seniors in Texas and Pennsylvania beginning this week.

After a successful six-year run using therapy dogs–many of them, adopted rescue pups–in New Jersey, the group has partnered with the National Volunteer Caregiving Network to launch pilot programs around the country. C


Thursday April 9, 2015    10:10 AM
Kaitlin Nguyen from California, was born with a lymphatic malformation, which caused a large deformity on her face, making it difficult for her to talk and eat, Dr. Gregory Levitin, director of the Vascular Birthmark Center at Mount Sinai Roosevelt in New York, told The Huffington Post. The 3-year-old's parents reached out to Levitin to have it removed but the family had trouble covering the high surgery costs.

So, a generous anonymous donor decided to fund it.

The 3-year-old underwent a successful surgery on Tuesday, and is now acclimating to her new life.

“I wanted to say thank you to the donor who made this happen for Kaitlin," the 3-year-old's mother told ABC News, before the su


Thursday April 9, 2015    10:05 AM
Decades after graduating high school, a man gave back to a teacher who left a big impression on him.

Almost forty years after she began teaching, Marilyn Mecham received a surprise from one of her first students, Kevin Perz. The former Missouri teacher, who is now 62, recently told the Lincoln Journal Star that Perz called her in January to simply say thanks -- and then sent her a note and a $10,000 check.

"I enjoyed your class so much. You gave your students latitude and respect. In turn, you were showered with respect and appreciation." Perz wrote in the note. "You were the B-E-S-T teacher EVER!!"

The moving gesture left the 62-year-old overcome with emotion.

"When I saw the ch


Thursday April 9, 2015    10:01 AM
A nonagenarian just celebrated his birthday, and he was clearly "lovin' it."

Bill Dudley, from Connah's Quay in Wales, recently turned 90, and to commemorate the milestone, he had a birthday party on Wednesday at his place of employment -- McDonald's, BBC News reported.

The shindig, which was complete with balloons and a very appropriate McDonald's-themed cake, ended up being a delightful one for both Dudley and his coworkers.

"We are all incredibly proud to work alongside him as he's such an inspiring member of the team," said Stewart Williams, the restaurant's franchisee, according to BBC. "I look forward to celebrating his birthday again next year."


Wednesday April 8, 2015    08:23 AM
CHARLESTON, South Carolina - A white cop in North Charleston was charged with murder on Tuesday after a video was released clearly showing the officer fatally shooting an unarmed black man in the back.

33-year-old Michael T. Slager said he feared for his life because the suspect took his stun gun in a scuffle after a traffic stop on Saturday. The video clearly shows the officer firing eight times as 50-year-old Walter L. Scott slowly ran away.

Officer Michael Slager shot Scott eight times as Scott has his back to him and is running away. It appears that Scott was unarmed.

Slager is charged with murder, the FBI is investigating, and once again a police-involved shooting has continued


Monday April 6, 2015    12:40 PM
By Jamie Lendino |

Now that Windows 10 development is in full swing, with the new Spartan browser and new Technical Preview builds appearing on a regular basis, let’s take a step back for a moment and address one of the most confusing things about the next version of Windows. When Microsoft announced its newest operating system, the surprise was not that it was coming, but that Windows would be skipping 9 and heading straight to 10. When asked about Windows 10’s name, Microsoft never gave a clear answer. So why, exactly, is Windows 10 getting the nod instead of 9?

Version numbers, schmersion numbers

You may remember that between Windows 3 and Windows 7, versions of W


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