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Monday May 18, 2015    09:24 AM
After having her dreams put on hold for almost eight decades, a former medical student has received the recognition she deserves.

At the age of 102, Ingeborg Rapoport successfully defended her doctoral thesis last Wednesday -- 77 years after she completed it. After a ceremony in Hamburg, Germany, in June, it's believed she will become the oldest person ever to receive a doctoral degree.

Rapoport completed her thesis, which focused on the disease diphtheria, at the University of Hamburg in 1938 -- during Adolf Hitler's dictatorship. But, she was denied the chance to properly defend it because her mother was Jewish, the Wall Street Journal reports.

“My medical existence was turned to


Sunday May 17, 2015    08:49 AM
In her film, WILD, Reese Witherspoon plays Oregon resident Cheryl Strayed, a recently divorced woman who leaves behind her life in Minneapolis, Minnesota with plans of hiking more than a thousand miles along the Pacific Crest Trail as a way of self discovery and healing.

Despite not being an avid hiker, Strayed overpacks her backpack and begins her trek through the Mojave Desert in Southern California. During her hike, Strayed reflects on her life growing up in Minnesota and the death of her mother, Bobbi Grey (Laura Dern), which caused Strayed to begin a reckless life of sex and drugs, ultimately leading to her divorce. Meanwhile, Strayed's ex-husband, Paul, writes letters to her next lo


Saturday May 16, 2015    10:10 AM
The ability to analyze a person's voice and convert it to text has been improving over the last few years. VOICEBASE does just that, converts your voice to text. It's not perfect but the technology has come quite a ways recently.

You can import conversations, interviews, lectures, or any other voice recording into text. VoiceBase offers a free service to transcribe your words into text. They also offer a paid service that uses human intervention for more accuracy.

Use any understandable voice, recordings, phone conversations, speeches, interviews, or presentations, import them into VoiceBase and the result will be a text you can use. Some editin


Saturday May 16, 2015    10:07 AM
Born a sharecropper named Riley B. King in Itta Bena, Mississippi, B.B. King went on to become a millionaire, honored by presidents, who influenced generations of musicians worldwide as the king of blues.

After his parents died, King tried his hand at farming when he was just 14-years-old, but found he could make more money singing in churches and on radio stations around Mississippi, Arkansas and Tennessee.

He picked up the nickname “Beale Street Blues Boy” King while working as a disc jockey and singer for a Memphis, Tennessee radio station, which he shortened to “Blues Boy” and, eventually, just B.B. King.

By the 1950s, King had landed a record contract, put together a band and b


Saturday May 16, 2015    10:05 AM
One daring nonagenarian took to the skies to relive her remarkable past.

British World War II pilot Joy Lofthouse had the chance, earlier this month, to fly an iconic plane she flew during the war -- the Spitfire, BBC News reported. The 92-year-old's flight took place about 70 years since she had last flown the legendary aircraft.

"It was lovely. It was perfect, of course," Lofthouse told BBC after her flight. "It made me feel quite young."

Lofthouse was one of about 168 trailblazing women who were employed by the Air Transport Auxiliary (ATA), an organization that helped transport aircraft, during the war, the outlet reported. The 92-year-old told BBC that she was particularly exci


Tuesday May 12, 2015    08:45 AM
HOUSTON - The Big 12's struggles may begin and end with the NFL draft, but the space between is filled with a myriad of issues. Funding, or rather the lack of it, has caused the conference to scramble to keep up with the PAC-12 and the SEC by improving their position in the recruiting arms race. Despite the addition of former recruiting mogul Charlie Strong to the University of Texas, the conferences' show horse, the Big 12's troubles receiving significant recognition has been well documented by NCAA pundits. That recognition is largely affected by the lack of rivalries, viewership and programs in the conference.

For nearly a decade, the Big 12 has been shut out of the national champi


Tuesday May 5, 2015    08:59 AM
The Huffington Post | By Kimberly Yam

Students of all ages have a lot to learn from this determined octogenarian.

Rosa Salgado graduated this past weekend from Miami-Dade College in Florida with an associate of arts degree in education, according to CBS Miami. But Salgado isn't your typical college student -- she's 80 years old, and has received her diploma along with two of her grandchildren.

The 80-year-old hopes that her story will inspire others to see the importance of education.

“I would say to students, young, old or in the middle, that every day they have to fight to learn because learning is wonderful,” Salgado told the Miami Herald. “And I know there are a lot of th


Tuesday May 5, 2015    08:57 AM
A new survey finds that 60 percent of Americans who have reached their 100th birthday say they do not “feel old.” On average, they feel more than two decades younger than they are.

They point to a positive attitude as the key to a long, happy life.

According to the tenth annual UnitedHealthcare poll of 100 adults over 100, more than 60% of centenarians see themselves as “very positive people.”

“Year after year, we hear from centenarians that there is a correlation between healthy aging and a healthy mindset,” said Rhonda Randall, D.O., chief medical officer of UnitedHealthcare Retiree Solutions. “It’s a good reminder for us all to take care of our mental, emotional and social health


Friday May 1, 2015    01:08 PM
Six Baltimore officers charged in the death of Freddie Gray from an injury he received while in police custody. Five of the officers surrendered to face criminal charges on Friday.

Baltimore State’s Atty. Marilyn Mosby said on Friday that Gray’s death had been officially ruled a homicide and that the investigation by city police and her office had found probable cause to charge all six officers.

“No one is above the law,” said Mosby, standing on the marble steps of Baltimore’s War Memorial Building. As she announced the indictments, several citizens standing behind television cameras jubilantly shouted.

Gray’s death from a spinal injury put Baltimore at the center of protests over r


Wednesday April 29, 2015    09:56 AM
Police are asking for help identifying a Washington state driver who narrowly avoided hitting children that were boarding a school bus.

Last Friday morning, three children in the city of Graham were on their way to school when an SUV barreled down the road between the kids and bus.

Parent Lisa Razo told King 5 News that her 5-year-old daughter felt the vehicle touch her foot as it bolted by.

"I looked up and the car passed by the kids and my heart almost dropped," Razo told the station.



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