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Friday January 13, 2012    02:58 PM
A couple in Vancouver has a special gift coming from Prince Albert.

Less than a month ago, “Raider” the puppy had been left to die in the back of a truck in – 40 C weather. But, after three members of the Prince Albert Raiders rescued him, the dog was given a second chance. He’s spent the last four weeks in a foster home recovering from mange, a skin disease that causes hair loss.

“He’s been spoiled rotten,” said Leanne Roberts from the SPCA. “But, as you can see from the pictures, he has a long way to go.”

The Vancouver couple had heard about the story from national media coverage of the dog’s rescue. And, despite his health conditions, they were eager to help.

“The couple that


Thursday January 12, 2012    03:51 AM
A 2-week-old baby girl, her mother and grandmother were pulled alive from the rubble of an apartment building in a dramatic rescue on Tuesday, 48 hours after a 7.2-magnitude earthquake toppled some 2,000 buildings in eastern Turkey.

Television footage showed a rescuer in an orange jumpsuit squeezing into the hulk of crushed concrete and metal to free the baby. The infant, named Azra Karaduman, was wrapped in a blanket and handed over to a medic amid a scrum of media and applauding emergency workers.

Authorities said the death toll had jumped to 432 as rescuers in Ercis and the provincial capital, Van, raced against time to free dozens of people trapped inside mounds of concrete, twis


Wednesday January 11, 2012    04:04 AM
Connie Thomas, whose two toddlers were killed in a 1996 car accident, is getting back the last photos of her kids, taken a few days before the accident.

Emily Price at reported the story first last week.

Thomas, of Winterset, had taken the only negatives of the children's photos into Christian Photo in January to get reprints. The photos on the childrens' headstones were becoming faded.

"I told him about the accident and I said this is the last negative I have and the last original print, so please be very careful with it," Thomas told

Three weeks later she went to pick them up and was told the photos had accidentally gone home with another customer. "Of cour


Tuesday January 10, 2012    04:03 AM
Back in October 1988, there was a heartwarming human-interest story that briefly swept more serious events off the world's TV screens. Three California grey whales were trapped under the ice in the Arctic circle near Barrow, Alaska, with only a small hole in the ice to use for a breather. Unless released within three days to head out for the southern breeding ground, they'd die. There followed a rescue mission that involved the media, the oil industry, the politicians, Greenpeace, the Wildlife Management Dept, the National Guard, the small-town inventors of a domestic thawing device and the USSR in its dying days.

But the title of this film is ironic. It wasn't a "big miracle" of internat


Monday January 9, 2012    03:57 AM
When the stage collapsed at the Indiana State Fair last week, people panicked and ran initially, but once the immediate danger had passed, a hundred or so rushed toward the scene to help. Amazing pictures of people trying to lift the fallen structure, and stories of heroic efforts to assist those who were injured gave us all some solace in the face of terrible losses and injuries. Today on the internet, the face of one of those injured, a little girl named Maggie, showed us all the power of the human spirit to rise, particularly in the face of tragedy.

A handful of different people rushed to assist Maggie, who was pinned underneath the metal framing which fell, and managed to stop the ble


Sunday January 8, 2012    08:38 PM
I don’t usually write about genetic anomalies or animal sideshows, but this is a great story about people coming to the aid of a puppy and a last minute happy ending.

Precious the Chihuahua was born four weeks ago with a fifth leg protruding from her stomach. When the story ran in the Gaston Gazette (NC), owner Calvin Owensby said that he couldn’t afford to have the leg amputated. Quickly many people stepped up and offered to help pay for the surgery.

After an x-ray a local veterinarian agreed to amputate the leg in a few months when Precious is large enough. He didn’t believe the leg indicated any internal problems but he thought it might “cause discomfort” as she grew older. There is


Saturday January 7, 2012    08:32 PM
DETROIT (WXYZ) - When Michigan Humane Society rescue workers came calling Aaron Excavating INC. of Waterford answered.

"I couldn't go home tonight without saving that little guy" said owner Aaron Baughey. With the support of MHS, the homeowner and concerned neighbors Aaron and crew drove and excavating machine to the pipe in the back of the house and started digging. You could hear the puppy whimpering the whole time while workers dug a 16 foot hole and cut the pipe. After hours of work, they reached into the bottom of the pipe and pulled the 4 week old Puggle-Daschund mix free. The owner says the puppy fell into the basement pipe and was stuck there overnight. "It was crying, an


Friday January 6, 2012    07:37 PM
ELON — Human rights advocates estimate that as many as 30,000 people were tortured and killed in Argentina from 1976 to 1983 in what was known as The Dirty War.

To this day, some Americans have never heard of it.

Brynne Miller, an Elon University graduate of the Masters of Arts in Interactive Media program in 2010, said her own parents had never heard of the atrocities in Argentina’s history.

That is until her father, Dr. C.A. Tuggle, professor and director of the journalism program at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (UNC), went to Argentina in the summer of 2009 to teach.

“We went down there and lived for five weeks,” Miller said in a recent phone interview.



Thursday January 5, 2012    07:02 PM
I came to prison a changed woman. Unrecognizable as the former woman I had been; a devoted mother, wife, sister, daughter, friend; a contributing member of society. Choices I made that fateful day had hurt the people that mattered most and forever changed our lives. I was haunted by guilt, shame, anger, loneliness and anguish. How could saying I’m sorry ever be enough? Would people ever forgive me? Would I ever learn to forgive myself?

My acceptance into the Coffee Creek Puppy Program has brought new light into my life. All I’ve learned within this program has helped me be more confident, helped me grow, helped me cope with life within these walls. I had been emotionally closed off, but


Wednesday January 4, 2012    01:19 PM
ANIMAL lover who set up a foundation to help stray, injured or unwanted animals has teamed up with former world champion boxer Jane Couch to save the life of a former racehorse.

Sarah Ross, 46, set up the Patch Foundation four years ago after rescuing a Jack Russell terrier which had been thrown from a moving car by travellers in Patchway.

The dog, Patch, was taken to the RSPCA in Bristol where vets said he needed costly MRI scans and neurological surgery if he was to survive.

Rather than put Patch to sleep, Sarah took him on, raising the £4,000 needed for his operations and ongoing care – with £2,500 being raised as a result of an appeal in the Evening Post.

Businesswoman Sarah,


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