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Friday February 3, 2012    08:03 PM
Two trailer park residents in Dayton, Ohio are going to be battling this out in court over the next few months.

Tattoo artist, Ryan L. Fitzjerald was hit with a $100,000 lawsuit last week by his ex-girlfriend Rossie Brovent. She claims that her boyfriend was supposed to tattoo a scene from Narnia on her back but instead tattooed an image of a pile of excrement with flies buzzing around it.

Apparently Ryan found out that she had cheated with a long-time friend of his and this was his way of getting even. Originally Rossie tried to have Ryan charged with assault but it turns out this crafty tattoo artist got her to sign a consent form prior to the tattoo and it said that the design was ‘


Thursday February 2, 2012    07:59 PM
Tuckey began his life at a breeding facility operating in Fukushima. After the earthquake, the breeder was forced to shut down their business, and ARK rescued Tuckey along with more than 100 dogs. A small Chinese crested dog, Tuckey came to ARK at the tender age of 7. We are happy to announce that Tuckey has finally found a home, almost one year since arriving at Tokyo ARK! Tuckey has been living with his foster family while attending almost every adoption event. He has been looking for the right family to adopt him for so long. He had many people interested in him, but the adoption process never came through. After many months of searching and waiting, he met the family that wanted him as


Wednesday February 1, 2012    07:57 PM
Between 1% and 5% of the population - including certain Bond villains - are said to have an additional nipple… but until recently none were recorded as having one on their foot.

However, that all changed with the discovery of this foot which belongs to a 22-year-old woman and was recently featured in a dermatology journal.

Researchers say the foot nipple is particularly rare because the condition (supernumerary breast tissue) is normally found above the waist.

Unsurprisingly the owner of the nipple-totting foot has chosen to remain anonymous fearing she'd be mocked with people asking her to put her breast foot forward and dodgy puns like that… some people would really milk it.


Tuesday January 31, 2012    07:34 PM
The man from Germany sent a credit card to Donna Simpson with specific instructions: Buy pizzas, Chinese food and other takeout.

He wanted Simpson to use his money to become as large as possible, and he got excited knowing he helped feed the 600-pound woman, she said.

“He didn’t even need to see me,” she said. “Just the fact that he was feeding me was enough of a thrill for him.”

For years, the 44-year-old mother of two was a star in the fantasy fetish community that worshipped the overweight and the feeding that led to it. Simpson had a website where men paid $19 a month to watch her eat. She flew around the world for various events. And she became famous in the British papers.


Monday January 30, 2012    07:26 PM
MADISON, Wis. — Police say a Wisconsin man took the Denny's restaurant chain slogan "America's diner is always open" too far, marching into one of the restaurants, announcing he was the new boss and cooking himself dinner.

James Summers walked into a Madison Denny's on Tuesday dressed in a maroon tie and black trench coat and carrying a briefcase, according to police. He strode into the manager's office, told her he was the new general manager and then fixed himself a burger, fries and a soda before police arrived.

"This is why you don't dine and dash, kiddies," Summers yelled out to diners as officers took him away, police said in a release.

Police found a stun gun in a hip holster


Sunday January 29, 2012    07:22 PM
Three students were expelled from their elementary schools in Fresno, California Saturday afternoon for attempting to harm their teacher with rat poison in her coffee and cupcake’s icing.

According to KFSN-TV, the three students have been transferred from Balderas Elementary to other schools, with two being placed at a community day school named The Phoenix Academy, which regularly enrolls expelled students.

However, one teacher at the academy shared his colleagues’ outrage over the new student arrivals.

“I want a clear message sent to those students,” said teacher David Cross. “And I don’t care if you don’t have any prior disciplinary issues. You executed a plan to commit bodily in


Saturday January 28, 2012    07:10 PM
PORT ROYAL, S.C. — A naked man stole a fire truck at a South Carolina apartment complex and sped away, killing a pedestrian who was walking on a sidewalk, authorities said Saturday. Stampede! C'mon — what's not to like? Hoof it over to Facebook to join the weird news herd. The fire engine driver, identified as 26-year-old Kalvin Hunt, drove about two miles Friday before he hit a man, careened off the road and crashed into some trees, authorities said. Hunt, who was pinned inside the fire truck, was freed by rescue workers, and then started assaulting two police officers, deputy police chief Dale McDorman told The Beaufort Gazette. Brana Rogerson said she narrowly avoided a collision


Friday January 27, 2012    06:52 PM
Comedian Bill Cosby is bringing attention to the story of a small group of Newfoundlanders whose actions taught a black American decades ago that racism didn't exist everywhere.

Cosby recently brought Lanier Phillips onstage to tell his story, after he heard about the experience Phillips had in Newfoundland nearly 70 years ago.

It was during the Second World War, in 1942; Phillips was a 19-year-old African-American deckhand on the USS Truxtun when it and another ship, the USS Pollux, ran aground near St. Lawrence, on the province's south coast.

Phillips, who had known only racism to that point in his life, was one of only 46 people to survive the wreck.

He feared he would be lync


Thursday January 26, 2012    05:01 PM
When South Grafton's Bev Metcalf tennis was interrupted by a burst of croaking near her back door, she noticed a large lump in the glow from the light inside and thought "cane toad".

But her fears were allayed when she flicked on a torch and lit up this passionate scene.

"I've emailed this picture to all my friends and told them to have a look at this threesome," Bev said.

Her partner, Ernie Miller, who lived on a farm for 75 years said he had never seen anything like it.

"They were certainly having some fun judging by the big smiles on their faces," Bev said.

Bev is a bit of an amateur frog expert, having kept a green frog called Hercules as a pet for years.

"They can live


Wednesday January 25, 2012    04:24 PM
Sheep are considerably smarter than we have previously given them credit for, researchers from Cambridge University have claimed.

Tests found sheep, which have historically been perceived as being dim-witted, are actually as smart as animals such as monkeys.

Neuroscientist Professor Jenny Morton made the baa-rmy discovery after conducing a series of tests to test their logic and memory.

These included giving sheep different coloured buckets with one colour containing food and seeing how many times they had to be presented with the buckets before knowing which contained food.

It's said the sheep were able to learn this after the same number of attempts as rodents and monkeys… and


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