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Sunday January 22, 2012    04:20 PM
Sara Avoledo is my guest blogger today. This wonderful, young woman has courageously volunteered to tell her story about meeting her biological mother online. Thank you, Sara!

After reading Karen Higgins novel, A Child of God I have recommended the book to my friends and family. It is a wonderful novel that I just happened to read shortly after finding my own birth mother and her family online. The characters and the emotions portrayed in Higgins’ novel really struck a chord with me. I cried as Mary Simpson thought about the circumstances that lead up to her placing her child with adoptive parents and I cried even harder when Joan, her daughter, found her 35 years later and was relucta


Saturday January 21, 2012    01:28 PM
A rather pretty girl named Norma Jeane Mortenson was born in 1926 in the charity ward at the Los Angeles County Hospital. She would later become one of the most celebrated and enduring icons of all time. He name was Marilyn Monroe.

Norma Jeane’s childhood was volatile as she was passed from family members to family friends and frequently stayed in orphanages as a result of her mother’s mental health. To avoid another orphanage stay a family friend orchestrated a marriage proposal when she was sixteen years old. When her husband was sent to the Pacific with the merchant marine, Norma Jeane began working on an assembly line at an aeronautical plant.

In 1945 a photographer took a snapshot


Thursday January 19, 2012    06:50 PM
Nathan Lawrence spent six anguishing days searching for his dog after it escaped from his wrecked SUV during a snowstorm last month.

Atticus, a 60-pound male catahoula, bolted from his kennel inside the vehicle and jumped out through a broken window on the shoulder of Interstate 90 southwest of Spokane.

Lawrence said he had to climb out the passenger door window after his Ford Explorer flipped onto its left side and struck a barrier between the Salnave Road and Tyler exits on Jan. 18.

By the time he got out, Atticus was gone, the kennel door ajar.

For the next several hours, Lawrence searched the nearby woods and freeway, following Atticus’ tracks in the snow, but with no luck.


Wednesday January 18, 2012    06:42 PM
CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. -- John Glenn joined the proud, surviving veterans of NASA's Project Mercury on Saturday in celebrating the 50th anniversary of his historic orbital flight.

The first American to orbit the Earth thanked the 125 retired Mercury workers, now in their 70s and 80s, who gathered with their spouses at Kennedy Space Center to swap stories, pose for pictures and take a bow.

"There are a lot more bald heads and gray heads in that group than others, but those are the people who did lay the foundation," the 90-year-old Glenn said at an evening ceremony attended by NASA officials, politicians, astronauts and hundreds of others.

"We may be up on the point of that thing and g


Tuesday January 17, 2012    06:33 PM
TIFTON, Ga. - It's a very special Valentine's Day for two people in Tifton, Ga--whose love has stood the test of time.

A South Georgia man, 87-year-old Jack Grosh, and his sweetheart, 85-year-old Betty Hove, have reunited after nearly 70 years of being apart.

Jack and Betty were sweethearts back in the early 1940s. He left for WWII; but, before he did, he went to Betty's house and left her a photo. He didn't leave an address.

Betty gave up on the relationship, not knowing where Jack was -- or if he was even alive.

Both Betty and Jack eventually got married to different people and had children. Their spouses have since passed away.

On a whim, Betty's friend did an online se


Monday January 16, 2012    06:30 PM
When Jasmine the abandoned greyhound arrived at a wildlife sanctuary shivering and desperate for food, she needed all the love in the world to nurse her back to full health.

Now it appears the kindness and patience shown to her has rubbed off - for the rescue dog has become a surrogate mother for the 50th time.

Seven-year-old Jasmine is currently caring for tiny Bramble, an 11-week-old roe deer fawn found semi-conscious in a nearby field.

She cuddles up to her to keep her warm, showers her with affection and makes sure nothing is matted in her fur. In short, the perfect foster mum.

But then again, she has had plenty of practice, having cared for five fox cubs, four badger cubs, 1


Sunday January 15, 2012    06:23 PM
On Nov. 18, 1995, Itzhak Perlman, the violinist, came on stage to give a concert at Avery Fisher Hall at Lincoln Center in New York City. If you have ever been to a Perlman concert, you know that getting on stage is no small achievement for him. He was stricken with polio as a child, and so he has braces on both legs and walks with the aid of two crutches. To see him walk across the stage one step at a time, painfully and slowly, is an awesome sight. He walks painfully, yet majestically, until he reaches his chair. Then he sits down, slowly, puts his crutches on the floor, undoes the clasps on his legs, tucks one foot back and extends the other foot forward. Then he bends down and picks up t


Saturday January 14, 2012    03:02 PM
Two kayakers in Bonita Springs came across what they thought was a dead manatee Tuesday night. But as they approached the belly-up creature, they realized it was still breathing.

The manatee had been poisoned by red tide, a toxic marine algae that blooms occasionally in the Atlantic and more often on the Gulf Coast.

Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission’s Kevin Baker told HuffPost Miami that the manatee “was suffering paralysis and minor seizures, which cause difficulty swimming.”

“The manatee has to ingest or inhale the red tide toxin,” Baker continued. “It is not absorbed through the skin. Ingestion is more prevalent than inhalation. It occurs when vegetation the manat


Friday January 13, 2012    02:58 PM
A couple in Vancouver has a special gift coming from Prince Albert.

Less than a month ago, “Raider” the puppy had been left to die in the back of a truck in – 40 C weather. But, after three members of the Prince Albert Raiders rescued him, the dog was given a second chance. He’s spent the last four weeks in a foster home recovering from mange, a skin disease that causes hair loss.

“He’s been spoiled rotten,” said Leanne Roberts from the SPCA. “But, as you can see from the pictures, he has a long way to go.”

The Vancouver couple had heard about the story from national media coverage of the dog’s rescue. And, despite his health conditions, they were eager to help.

“The couple that


Thursday January 12, 2012    03:51 AM
A 2-week-old baby girl, her mother and grandmother were pulled alive from the rubble of an apartment building in a dramatic rescue on Tuesday, 48 hours after a 7.2-magnitude earthquake toppled some 2,000 buildings in eastern Turkey.

Television footage showed a rescuer in an orange jumpsuit squeezing into the hulk of crushed concrete and metal to free the baby. The infant, named Azra Karaduman, was wrapped in a blanket and handed over to a medic amid a scrum of media and applauding emergency workers.

Authorities said the death toll had jumped to 432 as rescuers in Ercis and the provincial capital, Van, raced against time to free dozens of people trapped inside mounds of concrete, twis


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