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Saturday August 15, 2015    09:49 AM
A Michigan mother was stunned when she got a phone call telling her a complete stranger was buying her a new wheelchair accessible van–and it’s all thanks to her son’s essay praising his deserving mom.

Michelle Garn had been struggling to start her van so she could get it to a mechanic for more repairs, even though it was a rust-bucket, 15-years-old, and falling apart.

Since a stroke 13 years ago, the mother of three has been confined to a wheelchair and, lately, has tried to come up with the money for a new vehicle that would accommodate her physical disability.

Her son Brendan had entered an essay contest during National Mobility Awareness Month because first prize was a new, whee


Tuesday August 11, 2015    09:59 AM
A four-year-old girl made a wish and her mom devised a brilliant plan to make it come true. It would involve a fancy dress, a basket of flowers, and a sign that read: “Can I be your flower girl?”

Don’t worry. Her mother didn’t suggest she stand in the streets–not this clever parent.

Annabelle whispered her wish to Yoko Ono’s “Wishing Tree” at the Smithsonian Institution’s sculpture garden earlier this year. When her mother, Kim Earl, asked what it was, Annabelle told her it was to be a flower girl in a wedding.

The problem was that none of her parents’ friends or relatives were planning weddings anytime soon, but Kim hit on an idea when the family got home to New York.

She took A


Tuesday August 11, 2015    09:57 AM
Mayli and Brooklyn -- two best buddies, both with spina bifida -- give us a new take on the viral whip and nae nae, with a sweet dance routine in their wheelchairs. And with hair flips, spins, and even a stanky leg -- they turn it out!

The pint-sized divas were born just six months apart with the same diagnosis, ABC News reported, and have become best pals who love to groove.

“We have frequent sleepovers and kitchen dance parties,” Mayli’s mother, Sami Gibson, told the news outlet. “God knew these two were meant to be friends.”

Because her daughter loves to boogie, Gibson started a dance class for children in wheelchairs called Ayita, which is a Cherokee name meaning “first to dance


Tuesday August 11, 2015    09:54 AM
Andy Gregory didn't set out to live with 26 rescue pigs. They just sort of found him, one by one.

Sherry, for example, was discovered wandering around a retirement home before a friend of a friend brought her to Gregory's 11.5-acre home in southwest Florida.

Sheldon had been owned by a teacher, who realized she couldn't take care of her big, smart porcine pet. (The teacher now comes by for regular visits.)

Barbecue -- yes, that's the pig's name; no, he's not headed toward that fate -- is a wild pig who'd been chasing tennis players around a local court, before his dispatch to this new, comfortable, albeit tennis player-free life.

It's a comfortable life for Gregory, too.



Thursday August 6, 2015    12:35 PM
America's teenagers are starting school too early, in spite of a flurry of studies showing they need more sleep and national recommendations that school days start later, government health experts said Thursday.

A survey of U.S. school districts shows fewer than one in five middle and high schools rang the first bell at 8:30 or later -- the time recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP).

"Among an estimated 39,700 public middle, high, and combined schools in the United States, the average start time was 8:03 a.m. Overall, only 17.7 percent of these public schools started school at 8:30 a.m. or later," the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention wrote in the agency's we


Thursday August 6, 2015    12:28 PM
With public opinion continuing to turn sharply against the safari hunting escapades of American trophy hunters and a cascade of major airlines announcing they won’t transport trophies from the African Big Five, there was other big news on other fronts – in particular, on factory farming and puppy mills. At the top of the list is a federal court ruling earlier this week striking down Idaho’s ag-gag law, which criminalized whistleblowers who record animal cruelty or other abuses in factory farms. It’s the first judicial ruling on the merits of a series of statutes manufactured by the agribusiness lobby to stop undercover investigators from exposing harsh and sometimes illegal practices toward


Thursday August 6, 2015    12:25 PM
HILLSBORO, OR – (August 5, 2015) – Big Bottom Distilling, producer of award-winning Big Bottom Small Batch whiskey and gin, continues the expansion of their in-house distilled line of spirits. They have released an Oregon Pear Brandy which is the first of the two fruit brandies set to release in 2015. The Oregon Pear Brandy is proofed at 80 and retails in Oregon at $44.95 for a 750 ml bottle.

Since bringing distillation in house in 2014, Big Bottom Distilling strives to distill products that capture the spirit of Oregon. Their Oregon Pear Brandy is made from a blend of Asian pears that were grown and hand harvested locally from the Willamette Valley. Exhibiting a fresh ripe Asian pear nos


Wednesday August 5, 2015    10:14 AM
A unique evening of interactive community theatre, helping to break the stigma surrounding mental illness

PORTLAND, Oregon - Mental health issues affect us all in one way or another, yet the shame and stigma surrounding mental illness keeps many of us silent. For one night only, Break the Silence, Break the Stigma uses the power of theater combined with real life stories of Oregon residents that have experienced hard and often silent adversities. These stories will help lift the veil surrounding mental illness and start a dialogue toward healing.


Wednesday August 5, 2015    10:10 AM
Three Oregon cities and one county in the state have exercised the option to prohibit the sales of recreational marijuana.

Douglas County, the home of Roseburg, is the only county to so far prohibit pot sales after Oregon voters approved the notion last fall. Pot became legal in July. Sales are set to start Oct. 1.

The cities of Brownsville, roughly between Corvallis and Eugene, and Ontario and Vale in far Eastern Oregon have also prohibited cannabis sales. Oregon's new rules include an opt-out for communities that choose not to allow sales, which are overseen by the Oregon Liquor Control Commission.


Tuesday August 4, 2015    08:56 AM
The ACLU is suing Kenton County sheriff’s Deputy Kevin Sumner, who works as a school resource officer at Latonia Elementary School in Covington.

The sheriff’s deputy now faces a federal lawsuit for handcuffing elementary school children who were acting out as a result of their disabilities, the American Civil Liberties Union said.

Sumner is accused of handcuffing an 8-year-old boy and a 9-year-old girl, who both have attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.

The ACLU was able to obtain access to a video showing one incident in which Sumner talks to a boy handcuffed in a chair. The boy is so small that he’s handcuffed not around the wrists, but around his biceps.

“You don’t get to


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