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Thursday May 10, 2012    11:09 AM
Three children have been placed in foster care, and a Minnesota couple could face a year in prison for a punishment that went too far.

Stephanie Ann Broten, 38, and Darnell Alan Landrum, 34, were arrested Monday night after shaving their 12-year-old daughter's head and forcing her to run back and forth outside their Fridley home wearing nothing but a tank top and an adult diaper, according to the criminal complaint.

Broten, the girl's mother, and Landrum, her stepfather, told police they were punishing the girl for getting an F on her report card and failing to bring home school assignments, the complaint says. Broten shaved her head, and Landrum forced her to put on the diaper. They c


Wednesday May 9, 2012    12:22 PM
Last week, two Florida grandparents were accused of using their SUV to tow their granddaughter down the street in her toy car after they had a few drinks.

This week, a dad in Fort Wayne, Indiana, has been arrested after allegedly strapping four young children to the hood of his car after stopping at a liquor store. Aaron Stefanski, 29 told police he was just showing the kids a good time. Aaron Stefanski was driving with his his 6-year-old daughter and 4-year-old and 5-year-old sons, along with Jessica Clark and her 7-year-old daughter, when they stopped at a liquor store on Monday afternoon, according to the Journal Gazette.

The store manager and other bystanders called 911 and report


Wednesday May 9, 2012    12:00 PM
The man suspected of killing a mother and her oldest daughter in order to kidnap two other young girls has been rushed to the top of the FBI's list of its Top Ten Most Wanted fugitives.

Adam Mayes is believed to be armed and on the run from authorities with two of the girls he allegedly kidnapped on April 27.

Mayes, 35, and his wife, Teresa, 31, are both charged with first degree murder and especially aggravated kidnapping.

He takes the place on the FBI's infamous wanted list of Boston mob boss James "Whitey" Bulger who was captured last year.

The couple is charged with killing JoAnn Bain and her 14-year-old daughter, Adrienne, in "Teresa Mayes stated that Adam Mayes intended to


Wednesday May 9, 2012    11:53 AM
It was a zip lining accident that went from bad to much, much worse.

Just one week ago, Aimee Copeland, 24, was enjoying a trip kayaking down a creek with some of her friends in Carrollton, Ga. But when Copeland stopped to ride on a homemade zip line along the water, the line snapped and cut a large gash in her left calf.

Now the University of West Georgia graduate psychology student is in critical condition after a flesh-eating bacterium entered her body through the wound in her calf, causing her leg to be amputated Friday night, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported.

The Facebook page, “Believe and pray for a miracle to happen for Aimee Copeland” has been set up for people to


Monday May 7, 2012    09:03 AM
An Indiana mother who sent her gay son to school with a stun gun after administrators apparently didn't do enough to stop the bullying against him said she would do it again -- even though the teen now faces expulsion.

"I do not promote violence -- not at all -- but what is a parent to do when she has done everything that she felt she was supposed to do ... at the school?" the mother, Chelisa Grimes, told CNN's Don Lemon on Sunday. "I did feel like there was nothing else left for me to do, but protect my child."

The school district held an expulsion hearing last week but no decision has been announced.

Grimes sent her son, Darnell "Dynasty" Young, to Arsenal Technical High School in


Sunday May 6, 2012    12:21 AM
Lightning Medicine Cloud, a rare white buffalo born in 2011, and his mother were found dead at the Lakota Buffalo Ranch in Texas this week just weeks after the calf's father was fatally struck by lightning. The rare animal, sacred to the Lakota Sioux, was about to celebrate its first birthday during a powwow on May 12.

NBC 5 has learned the calf was found mutilated and skinned on the ranch northeast of Dallas. The next day, the calf's mother was found dead as well. Hunt County Sheriff Randy Meeks has opened a criminal investigation into the livestock deaths, although Meeks said they have not yet classified the crime. The Texas Rangers and other state agencies are assisting.

"I feel v


Sunday May 6, 2012    12:15 AM
LIMA, Peru - Peru's government declared a health alert along its northern coastline on Saturday and urged residents and tourists alike to stay away from long stretches of beach, as it investigates the unexplained deaths of hundreds of dolphins and pelicans.

At least 1,200 birds, mostly pelicans, washed up dead along a stretch of Peru's northern Pacific coastline in recent weeks, health officials said, after an estimated 800 dolphins died in the same area in recent months.

The Health Ministry recommended staying away from beaches, though stopped short of a ban, and called on health officials to use gloves, masks and other protective gear when collecting dead birds.The peak tourism seaso


Saturday May 5, 2012    12:06 PM
In his first court appearance in nearly two years, former police officer Drew Peterson entered an Illinois courtroom Friday for a hearing in his upcoming murder trial.

Wearing blue jail clothes, the former police sergeant walked in shackles and looked older and a bit thinner than his last appearance.

He is accused of killing his third wife, Kathleen Savio, in 2004. He remains under investigation in the October 2007 disappearance of his fourth wife, Stacy Peterson.

Judge Sarah Jones presided briefly on Friday before the case was transferred to Judge Edward Burmila. The next hearing is set for May 17, though no trial date has been set.

Friday's hearing comes after a controversial r


Saturday May 5, 2012    11:58 AM
WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. -- A teenager accused of bludgeoning his parents with a hammer before hosting a party at their home signs jailhouse autographs exclaiming "It's hammer time," calls himself "hammer boy," and says he has seen and talked to the devil, a fellow inmate told police.

The inmate, Justin Toney, described 18-year-old Tyler Hadley's jailhouse fame in interviews outlined in investigative files released by prosecutors.

Hadley has pleaded not guilty in the bludgeonings last July of Blake and Mary-Jo Hadley. Toney told investigators that Hadley is known as "Hambo" and "Bamm-Bamm" by other inmates and that he has given autographs, including some on news articles about his case.


Saturday May 5, 2012    11:51 AM
It's been almost a year to the day since Ronnie Lee Orender and his mom Etta May Urquhart beamed before cameras and accepted a lump sum of $32.3 million — their take before taxes from a $51 million winning lottery ticket.

And it's been almost a year since the Urquhart and her husband Bob have seen any of the money. Instead, they claim in a lawsuit filed April 23 in Kern Superior Court in Bakersfield, Calif., that Etta May's son Ronnie Lee Orender commandeered the winning Mega Millions ticket, leaving his parents with walking-around money while he took the lion's share of the cash.

The court papers claim Orender bought 10 cars and four homes and put millions into accounts that the Urquh


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